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We teach sales reps how to hunt and close new customers

Underperforming sales reps are expensive. Relying on current clients limits the growth of your business. Sadly, most sales reps lack the ability to find and close new business.

    We designed this training for engineers and technical sales reps who seek a logical, skills-based approach for  business development and quickly discovered this to be effective for many sales applications.  After completing this training, sales reps will:

  • Think like a sales hunter
  • Develop the skills to find new clients
  • Learn the habits of successful sales professionals

16 Reasons Salespeople Fail 

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Most companies want sales reps who can hunt and find new customers. Sadly, 90% of sales reps lack the skills to develop new business consistently. We will teach your team to become sales hunters. The great news is, you can take charge of your team's development and make the most of your sales process. By establishing structure and utilizing tested methods, you can transform your business for growth and success.  Enroll your team today!



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Discover the reasons why salespeople fail at new business development and get a sneak peek into the Wolf Sales Training.

Truly satisfied customers

John really opened my eyes and changed my approach to every sales interaction. Your technical-minded staff will be served. John will challenge them. I certainly have grown, both personally and professionally, by his training.
Kreg Hadley, Sales Engineer
“John’s training is a must for anyone wanting to improve their performance in sales! He provides concrete, research-supported tools that I can use to better engage and close new business. I particularly appreciated John’s highly-interactive exercises in time management, goal setting, non-verbal communication, and pipeline management. This material challenged and equipped me to reach my max potential in the world of sales.” 
— Leah, early career in business development
I am so impressed that I have ordered 2 of your books on Amazon. So, thank you for making a difference in people’s personal and professional lives.
— Lovely Chandla, Hilton
Your style is incredibly engaging. The subject was relevant and informative. Our audience enjoyed every minute. Thank you for making us look so good!
— Jana Russell, Kilgore Economic Development Corp.
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Who—The Hunt

Target identification. Creating a finite list, focused, written, and workable (FFWW).

Observe—The Stalk

Prospecting. Identify the qualified prospects, and plan for engagement.

Listen—The Attack

Engagement. This step includes qualification, discovery, and proposal delivery in person.

Finish—The Kill

Closing or getting the deal inked – a contract.
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